Helping you realize the unclaimed promise of God
for household salvation. Join me as I walk you through
God's covenant for your entire family's salvation.
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This book is a game changer!

As you see how the promise of Household Salvation transformed an entire family of alcoholics, you will realize that the same God who transformed the Camerons can transform your family. You’ll love this book… it’s a story of life in Scotland when a young girl gives her heart to Jesus, then has to fight to keep her salvation while believing for her husband to also be saved.

Give yourself a few hours to live this story with me and then watch how God will show you the path to redemption- not only for yourself but also for everyone of your family. When you believe for household salvation, you are not “wishing.” It is more than dreaming. It is bigger than hoping. Household Salvation is the expressed will of God from Genesis to Revelation. This book will change the legacy you leave and will populate heaven with your loved ones.

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