This book is a game changer!

As you see how the promise of Household Salvation transformed an entire family of alcoholics, you will realize that the same God who transformed the Camerons can transform your family. You’ll love this book… it’s a story of life in Scotland when a young girl gives her heart to Jesus, then has to fight to keep her salvation while believing for her husband to also be saved.

Give yourself a few hours to live this story with me and then watch how God will show you the path to redemption- not only for yourself but also for everyone of your family. When you believe for household salvation, you are not “wishing.” It is more than dreaming. It is bigger than hoping. Household Salvation is the expressed will of God from Genesis to Revelation. This book will change the legacy you leave and will populate heaven with your loved ones.

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The Orphan’s Hands

For over 25 years, the Cameron Family has been changing the lives of orphans in Romania and Moldova. From providing running water, flushing toilets, and clean wells to coal for heat, new windows, and food and clothing, they championed the physical needs of the orphans in these broken and desolate countries.

Through homes founded by the Camerons, many of Moldova’s orphans are saved from the horrors of trafficking and in the process, orphans become daughters and sons. They come to know their Heavenly Father and are forever changed by the love of Jesus.

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Inspiring change in your church

Missionary- Evangelist, singer, author. Philip has a far-reaching international ministry that is impacting nations.

Philip has authored multiple books on the subject of Household Salvation, one of those having over 300,000 in print, and is deeply passionate about helping Christians win their loved ones to Christ.

He is a consultant and innovator in ministry growth whether it be in missions, television or church ministry. He is a regular guest on some of the largest television networks in the world.

His innovative approach to missions brings the mission field directly in contact with the church. By exposing the listener to the direct impact that missions have on the orphan, stirs vision and purpose in every church they visit. The success of Philip’s mission outreach, is that he and his wife Chrissie, turn orphans into sons and daughters, and then sons and daughters into missionaries. Through the Orphan’s Hands, their hands are saving lives, reaching the lost, and changing their nation of Moldova and the Ukraine.