Today, there are more people bound in human slavery than at any other point in history… as 40 million people find themselves trapped in a hell that has no escape. The most common victim?


Those in poverty are at greatest risk of being trafficked, particularly orphans. With no one to care for them, they disappear into oblivion and no one even knows they’re gone. Drugged, raped and abused, they are sent to the far reaches of the world, to serve their captors until their death.

  • Moldova has been referred to as the “engine” of human trafficking.

  • More than 400,000 girls have disappeared from Moldova, victims of human trafficking.

  • More profitable than drugs, human trafficking generates $150 billion dollars per year.

  • Girls are bought and sold for $3,500… but will make their captors more than $300,000.

The Orphan’s Hands exists to stand between the orphan and the trafficker.

“If you were born, God has a plan.”

Philip Cameron


We provide homes… a bed, warm food, and clothing to meet the physical needs of the orphan.


They are loved and cared for… transformed by the compassion and  love of others.


Encouraged to chase their dreams, many have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, contractors, and so much more. 


Most importantly, they are introduced to their Eternal Father and transformed by His unconditional love. 

Vatra Village

Our homes are saving lives. They are a light in the darkness of poverty and hopelessness in Moldova and Ukraine. We have witnessed time and again the impact genuine love and care can have on a broken heart. Orphans, no longer hopeless, can discover their purpose and flourish… because someone felt their need and refused to sit idly by. Lives are eternally changed by love in action.

We have the opportunity to save and transform 90 more lives, and countless more in the years to come through Vatra Village. It is a community of six homes where young men and women can come to find refuge and purpose, then go out and make a difference in their nation. With mere months left until the deadline, we need you to make Vatra Village a reality!

Our homes are the fertile soil, their hearts are the seed, your generosity is the life-giving water, and the Light of the Earth is the unseen power that causes life to burst forth from a dark and hopeless place.


Your gift of $30 a month will save lives from the hell of trafficking,

give Hope to a broken heart and change lives for eternity.