Full House Prayer Wall

We want to believe with you for your family’s salvation. Leave your loved ones names here on the wall and we along with others will pray for them for their promised salvation.

I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.

jane e northey

I've been praying for you. Somehow you are coming up on my screen and I am taking your faith and praying with you for many others and your family. The joint faith of the believers has been making inroads on the devil's territory. I want to tell you that you are tying his hands down now and forever. God is going to accelerate your prayer life like never before. Transcending your normal thoughts on prayer to realms never before seen on this planet. I see God putting your face into the carpet of prayer mountain and you not coming too until, days later. Tell that to Jim also, because it's going to happen before America's eyes. He, meaning God, loves you so much. That there isn't anything that God won't due for you, here and into eternity. I can't explain why this is happening but I am sure that it is divinely inspired for generations to come. Let me prophesy this to you, "You are on the precipice of being in between justice and revelation on top of Mt. Sinai as in days of old. Take up your staff and enter the land, with Joshua leading the flock of Israel. Jn

Received: March 24, 2019

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